Hiking - Easy - Stražilovo I

Stražilovo I hike is a good choice for your relaxed enjoyment in nature. It is circular shaped and during walk you will not face any significant altitude differences.

The starting point is picnick area Stražilovo, near the restaurant "Brankov čardak", from where you’ll continue the route towards Branko's grave. There you’ll encounter the greatest climb that you will have to cross. Its length is 1.400 m and lasts about 20 minutes. When you climb the hill, you can take a break and enjoy a beautiful view or learn some information about Branko Radičević.

The road continues through the forest, towards the Partisan road. The distance to it is 2.7 km and about 40 minutes at a normal pace. By the way, you pass by the memorial to the victims of World War II, which is on your left. Follow the forest path and enjoy the surroundings, because forest here is very beautiful.

When you get to the Partisan road, turn right and continue the road by driveway. Go along the edge of the road, so you don’t disturb the traffic. The path to be crossed by driveway is about 450 meters long and takes about 5 minutes.

From driveway you turn right to the forest path and continue right. In this part, you again start to descend towards Stražilovo and Stražilovački potok. The length is 2.7 km and takes about 40 minutes. In the first part of the road you have a mild downhill and on your right you can enjoy incredible panoramic view. After that you enter the forest again, you descend downhill with a greater inclination and follow the path that looks like you are going through the course of the stream.

When you get down you have the last test in front of you. It is ascent to the Mountaineering Hut “Stražilovo”, which is 1 km long and lasts about 20 minutes. The ascent is quite sharp and will draw your last atoms of power before relaxation in a mountaineering hut.

Place: Sremski Karlovci

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