Debeli Cer Quarry

The old red limestone quarry Debeli cer is located near Andrevlje. This impressive place and the scar of Fruška Gora fromwhich rock was dug in the past is today visited only by nature lovers. The locals say that this rock was used to build the Vladikin dvor in Novi Sad. This place is also connected to stories about the Mammoth bone that’s displayed in the Zavičajni muzej in Čerević. The Beočin factory is the last to use the quarry, and a few years ago when it was recultivated, it was filled with earth and had grass planted.

You can get to the Debeli cer quarry by taking the road from Testera towards Andrevlje. Right near Andrevlje there’s a separate route to the quarry that you can take. It’s a light stroll through the woods (about 40 minutes). The road is walkable year-long, no matter the weather. The space is used in the winter by NP Fruška Gora as a feeding ground for eagles.

Place: Čerević

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.151220
  • Long: 19.641491
  • Alt: 371 m