Perina Pećina Cave

Perina Pećina cave, one of the unique sites of its kind at Fruška Gora, is hidden deep in forest, near Stari Ledinci and Popovica. You’ll find it by a narrow forest road. The cave is supposedly a remnant of an old mine; the roots of its name, however, are uncertain. Local folk say there used to be this guy named Pera, who owned the mine; others say the very same Pera died in the cave. The entrance is so narrow, an average person barely fits through it. Once you go in, the cave branches out into two tunnels, both reclining into a slight slope.The tunnels are 70 meters long.

Entry is strictly forbidden, as evidenced by the bars in front. Luckily, there’s an info post put up that contains the cave’s geology and photos of the interior. Something’s better than nothing, we guess.


Place: Sremska Kamenica

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.177645
  • Long: 19.818356
  • Alt: 378 m