Pištinci Village

Pištinci is a small abandoned village about one kilometre away from Stara Bingula. Many consider it a hamlet, and every person from the area will confirm that it used to be a village with about ten houses. It was inhabited during the seventies, and mail regularly arrived there. Over time, as people moved away from it, frantikly in search of a better life, it remained empty, forgotten.

There's only one old family living in Pištinci today, and one more person on the weekends. They now resemble a part of a common street in Vojvodina that was abandoned, picked up, and placed in a remote area in Srem, where it gives off the last signs of its life in this beautiful and hallowed region. You can get to Pištinci from Stara Bingula or by the acres of along the arable land that follows the channel Virevi between Bingula and Divoš.

Place: Stara Bingula

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.13343
  • Long: 19.47979
  • Alt: 162 m