Hajdučki Spring

Fruška gora and the Danube marshes used to be the perfect hiding spots for hajduks - local freedom fighters. The hajduk Lazar Dobrić, known as Laza Harambaša, often used this field advantage. History remembers him as a smart, shrewd and witty hajduk, and his company consisted of other notable hajduks, like Stanoje Glavaš and Hajduk Veljko. They would rob Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian caravans, and give part of the loot to the poor. The spring was named to honor them.

The spring is located close to Partisan road, and because the road is so steep, a little caution can go a mile.


Place: Velika Remeta

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.153556
  • Long: 19.896825
  • Alt: 438 m