Savina Memorial-Fountain Spring

On the way to Irig-Krušedol, after a few kilomtres near the turn for Neradin, is a spring of drinkable water known as Sveti Nikola spring. This fountain was built by Sava, a local man from Neradin, so that's why they also call it "Savina česma" (Sava's fountain). At any time of day you can find people waiting in line to fill their barrels with water. The area around is paved, and there's a table with a few benches for all passing travelers. 

There's also the Međeš (Šatrinačko) lake nearby, and a little bit further is the Dobrodol lake. 

Place: Neradin

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.1046
  • Long: 19.91232
  • Alt: 160 m