Beli Majdan Cave

The old Beli Majdan quarry, also known as the Rakovačka Pećina, is in Rakovac. You can get to the cave by car via the road or by foot from the National Liberation War monument that's next to the main road to Zmajevac. Prepare yourself for a little climb up a steep slope, after which you'll arrive to the great hall. The hall is 4m high, and was made by digging out stones in the eary ages, most probably to be used for the Rakovac monastery nearby. Stone pillars hold the vault. The mine was closed during the thirties. There are steps clad in stone, so you can explore the inner chambers. The entire complex is gargantuan and unique to Fruška Gora. There's a road that can lead you above the hall's vault where you'll find a striking view of the Fruška Gora. There's also a hole in the ground near the cave, from which warm air comes out - it's especially noticable during cold days. One might say it's a rabbit's hole, but don't go chasing any rabbits down it, if you see them. Chances are you'll end up in Wonderland. 

Place: Rakovac

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.18111
  • Long: 19.77297
  • Alt: 238 m