Novo Hopovo Monastery

Not far from the town of Irig, on the very edge of the forest, lies Novo Hopovo Monastery. It is believed to be the first monastery founded by Đurađ Branković at the beginning of the 16th century, and to have included a church dedicated to Saint Nikola at the time. A sign above the entrance to the church led to the confusion about the church's origins, stating that it was built in 1576, but it was later established that this was the date the current church was built in place of the old one. Due to its architecture and rich cultural and religious history, Novo Hopovo Monastery is considered one of Serbia's most significant monasteries. The Monastery was a scholastic center for many centuries, and literacy was taught to Serbs coming from as far as Belgrade. The famous writer and philosopher Dositej Obradović took his vows here, and served as a monk for three years.

The monastery suffered great damage during the Second World War, as the bell tower was demolished, and the monastery library and archive perished in fire. Today, the Monastery consists of a church encircled with dormitories, a building for economic matters, and an outer wall, and it is taken care of by the Monastery's brotherhood.

Two kilometers down the road leading from Staro Hopovo is a small lake in the Monastery's property.

Place: Irig

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.12808
  • Long: 19.84636
  • Alt: 253 m