Velika Remeta Monastery

At the far eastern part of Fruška gora, a few hundred meters from the Šelovrenac stream, is the Velika Remeta monastery. According to legend, it was founded by king Dragutin during the end of the thirteenth century. It was first mentioned in official historical scriptures in the sixteenth century. The men's monastery is devoted to St. Dimitrije, and is completely surrounded by dormitories. In its center is the highest bell tower - 38,6m - in Srem.

The moment you set foot on monastery grounds, you'll be enchanted by the heaven's garden of iguman Stefan. On its left is a small ethnic village with a few log cabins and summer houses perfect for people who just want to set up a good grill and relax, enjoying the scenic nature. On its right is the replica of the Bethelem cave and Sion hills with a chapel. There's also the Ubavac spring, famous for it's eyesight-sharpening and healing waters. Because of all these things, this hidden monastery in a valley far off-road, is gaining in popularity and is visited more and more by those who enjoy a soft summer's breeze in peace. 

During WW2 the monastery was burnt to the ground, and its treasury pillaged in great extent. 

Place: Velika Remeta

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.14311
  • Long: 19.91766
  • Alt: 270 m