Sloboda Memorial Site

Sloboda (Freedom) is the name of the monument on Iriški venac. It was raised in honor of the fallen soldiers and represents a symbol of the National Liberation struggle against fascism in the second world war. It was revealed in 1951. and the sculptor was Sreten Stojanović. The monument is dominated by a high obelisk, which at its top holds the figure of a woman - the personification of liberty - with her arms held high as gesture that calls for an uprising. Standing ont he pedestal of the obelisk is a group of armed partisans. At its flanks are the bronze reliefs depicting the suffering, resistance, and fight. The obelisk and the accompaniying walls were built from limestone rock that was dug up on Fruška Gora. 

This also happens to be the biggest monument on Fruška Gora, and the location was purposefully selected so that the obelisk, a symbol of liberty and resistance, could be seen from the driveway to Iriški Venac. 

There's a conifer park near the complex. The foot path around are also interesting and educational because they're littered with info signboards geared towards kids, so that they may learn more about the plant and animal life of Fruška Gora.

Place: Irig

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.15240
  • Long: 19.83998
  • Alt: 504 m